BET Youth (Ages 7-11)


BET Youth (Ages 7-11)

All athletes have a particular thing in common – they all, at one time in their life, were children. Berks Elite Training looks at the youth athlete as clay which has yet to be formed or molded. Our performance coaches work from the standpoint that fundamental motor skill development must be taught, coached, and assessed continually so your child develops proper technique, body position, and structural alignment in performing physical tasks and/or activities; be it in his or her sport or in life’s daily activities.

Here at BET, we take a long-term athletic development approach to training the youth athlete – meaning we provide a proactive training environment in which positive feedback is continually provided so that your child develops physical proficiency through daily (moderate-to-intense) physical activity and to encourage and instill the immense benefit (both physical and mental) of daily physical activity.

As always in our Youth group, we strive to be positive in our instruction with the goal of making the sessions challenging and fun!  Here, our coaches are very good at teaching life skills like discipline, responsibility, listening, teamwork and building self confidence.


  • Running technique
  • Coordination
  • Body weight strength
  • First-step explosion
  • Flexibility
  • Self Confidence