Advanced (16-18)

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BET Advanced (Ages 16-18)

Our mission at BET is to not only build better athletes, but hopefully be a key part in the development of great people. We do this through the long-term athletic development approach we set course with in our youth group. We have already laid the firm foundation through our youth and intermediate programs. In the advanced group, we move even deeper into the realm of high-intensity strength and conditioning and cutting-edge speed and agility training while always maintaining emphasis on proper technique, body position, and structural alignment. Many of our athletes in this age group come to us having already developed poor habits and structural deficiencies due to improper teaching of movement, line of action, and body alignment. We at BET take special care to first-and-foremost teach – then and only then – do we move onto proper execution of movement. This two-fold process is integral in maintaining a limited injury environment while also keeping our athletes injury-free and on their field of play outside of our facility.


Strength training is synonymous with the term ‘resistance training’ and is defined as a“specialized form of conditioning that is used to increase one’s ability to produce or resist force.” Strength training uses the principle of progressive overload to force the body (muscles, bones, tendons, etc) to adapt in order to be able to produce and/or resist larger forces. Strength training is not power lifting nor is it bodybuilding or trying to lift the most weight you can. Strength training is a tool that can augment sport performance through improved strength and motor control.*


*STRENGTH TRAINING FOR YOUNG ATHLETES, Scott Riewald, PhD, CSCS, NSCA-CPT and Keith Cinea, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, National Strength and Conditioning Association Education Department